Greetings! I trust everyone has had a happy merry Christmas. I have not had a Christmas in so long I almost forgot what it is like. However, I am confident that all the years of hard work and patience will soon pay off. The group I have been waiting on to get funded have been working straight through the Christmas holiday season thus far and have been meeting since the 28th. I am hoping that means they are trying to get it done by today but like I said I am not sure yet. Even if it is not done by today it should be done next month as I can not see any other reason for it to delay.

Assuming it does take place next month, then it will prove to be the best New Year to date. I am not sure how long it will take me to get my own personal funds and then be able to make available some exciting opportunities for many to be able to help themselves. But I will work as fast as possible. Any one who has done any major banking transactions lately know how hard and long it takes to move funds.

The important thing is to know that it is inevitable and soon to be realized. What a wild year it has been all around the world. Hopefully most of you if not all realize the truth about what has really been going on and who is behind all the foolishness around the world. I only know that it is soon all coming to an end and the beginning of a new way of life will begin. I will be doing everything possible to help us all prepare for these great events. For now I wish you all the best Christmas ever and stay in prayer and faith regarding all the world and economic events taking place around the world.


David Allan Raimer

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