Greetings! I trust everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving weekend. As I read the last post, what can be said at this time? I have been told so many times that next week will be the closing, yet I am still waiting. However, I have to say we have never been closer than we are now. The transaction has been way more complicated than I ever imagined and it has been a very long journey. Most if not all have long given up on ever seeing it close, but I know the reality of what is going on.

When I started out on this journey my desires were simple, to hypothecate some assets in order to help many to help themselves and to try to help others recover lost funds from past investments. That was to be the purpose of the Private Wealth Building Association. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded yet in monetizing an asset, but it is very close to closing. As for the Association, well I have no idea whether there even is one yet, as I have never received any membership applications. The person who was supposed to handle that has since long ago severed any communication and apparently circumvented me with regard to a former banker I had contracts with. In any event on a good note, this potential association was always to be funded and is to be funded based on my own gifting from my own assets being monetized. Assuming I am successful I still plan on providing several exciting services that will be a blessing to many.

So as we take this time in our lives to reflect on all the many things to be thankful for, I am thankful that everything is still steady moving forward in getting done and even though most have given up, I am grateful for all those who have not wavered in their faith and prayers. I am grateful that I have been able to survive even after having been abandoned by the one I was in contract with. I am grateful for the fortitude to have stayed the course no matter how hard and trying it has been. I am thankful for the soon to be given opportunity to help many help themselves and to help make this world a better place to live.

So whether or not it is before Christmas or some time the first part of next year, I am thankful that faith always see us through unto victory. I pray everyone has a wonderful Christmas and the very best New Year to come.


David Allan Raimer

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