Greetings! I trust every one is doing well. It has been a long haul and longer summer waiting for funding. Due to the complexity of the multi-International transaction. It appears that finally next week is my turn and I am excited about finally being funded. Assuming everything transpires as it should next week, I should have access within a week later. It may take me several weeks to get things set up in order to be able to announce the services that will be provided for this association. I think many people will be very blessed in deed. I am saddened by some of the things that took place beyond my control and that a very close friend gave up on me and believed some one that they did not even know over all the long and hard work that I have faithfully been conducting over the past 5 years. I have never given up even though I was abandoned over 2 years ago. It has been nothing short of a miracle that I have been able to survive. I have gone without more times than I care to remember, but I have never given up hope and faith.

I know better than anyone of the truth and reality of all that has gone on. All I have ever tried to do is be a blessings for many and I am confident that my dreams will soon begin to manifest.  I hold no grudge or ill will against any one and I will continue to keep my contract and word. That is just the way I am. I want to take this time to thank all of you that have kept me in your prayers and that have not given up hope either.

As a result of my own personal assets, I will be able to set up some foundations that will provide opportunities for many people to help themselves to become prosperous in a relatively short period of time.

Let us all stand in agreement that this coming week will see the fulfillment of a very long journey. I still look forward to meeting many of you very soon. Mean while you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


David Allan Raimer

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