“Notice” Issued to all who may be members of this potential  “Wealth Building Association”

Greetings! It has just been recently brought to my attention that someone has issued some kind of fund-raising contract to some people dated around April of 2011. Titled under:  ” Private Verification of Funds”, this was reported to be regarding some kind of 9 to 1 program, offered to DAVID ALLEN RAIMER AND MALCOLM MARTIAN WALKER III. Further these fraudulent papers were reported to be lending and I quote; ” I. ___________________________, __________________, am over the age of twenty one and am of sound mind and do verify that the amount listed below is the total amount of funds offered to the borrowers David Raimer, and/or Malcolm Walker, and /or Frances Smith.”

There was also a CONFIDENTIAL WARNING in it as well.



As all of you who have been following this blog for the past 3 or so years, I have repeatedly made clear that this “Wealth Building Association” is not involved with any type of fund-raising or investments of any kind offered to the public or private sector. Further I have always made this clear when ever I would be told other wise and when I was informed that there was some kind of up dates or paper work floating around stating other wise. One or two people had sent me a copy of some reported update that was being sent out claiming that the information was from me and it was concerning some kind of 10 to 1 or 9 to 1 program. As you all know I made clear that this was not true or authorized. In fact there has never been any up date or fund-raising or lending paper work of any kind ever authorize by me.

I have clearly stated that this association  is for education purposes only and that when I get funded from the hypothecation or monetizing of my personal assets, that I would be personally providing several services that would help many.

I was at one small gathering over 3 or 4 years ago where I shared my motivation and purpose for starting the “Private Wealth Building Association”, and that was to mostly compile a membership list of all the people who had lost money (Including myself) investing or placing into several programs which at that time was from over 10 years and since it is now over 15 years ago. I have strictly made clear that the membership was free and would remain so because we all did not need to put any more money in. In fact I said we do not need to put any more good money after bad into anything. I stressed over and over again this fact because I had just got done serving 3 years of supervised release from Federal Prison for “Conspiracy to commit money laundering”. Therefore I made very clear that I could only do everything by the book and that because I had felt responsible for many people who had placed money into those programs and some into helping me with legal fees back then, that I was going to use some of my own funds from my portion of profits that I was to receive, if I was successful in getting the assets liquid.

I further made it clear that I did not have to do anything because I had already spend 5 1/2 years in prison and 3 years supervised release. But that I was a man of my word and that I would do all I could to try to help people recover some if not all of their funds that they had lost in the past. There was to be a $100 administration fee that was to be voluntary and used to offset any administration cost, but that I was not allowed to be involved in any type of fund raising etc. I also made it clear at that private gathering that the $100 administration fee would be return if I was successful in recovering any lost money or if I was successful in monetizing my own assets.

That was over 3 years ago. It was to be handled by Fran Smith. Shortly after the meeting I was told by Fran Smith that most of the people only trust her,  Fran Smith, with the $100 administration fee rather than sending it to a company in England. As a result, to this day I have not seen one membership application nor any Administration fees of any kind. I do not know if or how many potential Association members we may or may not have. I have been over in Europe for over 5 years working on getting the lien assets that I have monetized which are very difficult to do in these hard international banking times.

In addition I have made it clear several times that I have been financed by one person based on a private contract ( Which I can now state is Fran Smith). I have also stated many times that truth can always stand inspection: Therefore, due to the obvious apparent attempt to set up an associate Malcolm Martin Walker III and Myself, I have no alternative but to speak the truth regarding this matter. I have been truthful, honest and diligently working on the task even to this day. I have given as many up dates as I could without violating non-disclosures here on this blog. I have trusted in good faith that things were being done properly regarding any and all funds sent to me by Fran Smith according to the contract.

Soon after I had completed my Supervised release I was contacted by Fran Smith, who offered to finance me to try to recover money lost from the past programs and to monetize my lien assets. The contract I have provides for Fran Smith to finance the expenses needed for the successful hypothecation or monetizing of some very large assets that Mr. Malcolm Martin Walker III and myself have. It was to be on best efforts bases. Because of my past conviction I required a private contract be signed that protected all parties from any liability caused by the other. That was to ensure that no mistake or wrong doing with good intentions would ever be able to effect the other.

Apparently at some point when several contracts or funding dates fell through and it was taking way longer than we ever anticipated, Fran started running out of cash. She had mentioned several times about her borrowing from some personal friends. Every time I reminded her that we can not under no circumstances get involved with any securities violation by raising any type of money. She assured me that they were personal friends who were offering it to her. I reminded her that I could not be involved or have any part in it. She stated that she was only sharing it with me to help determine how long I thought it might take before we were going to get funds from the sales of the assets. The contract I have with Fran clearly states that any funds being provided to me was from her ranch and that we were acting as subcontractors for her ranch because once we were to be funded that we would represent her ranch in different financing opportunities for increasing he value and holdings of her ranch. That is the total sum of the agreement which was for one year. A few years ago I come to the USA to visit my Mother in Little Rock Arkansas, who was dyeing of Cancer. While there, Fran Smith came to see me to give me a notarized Affidavit holding me harmless for what ever mistakes she had made, and to state that the contract would remain  in force until we had successfully monetized the assets and satisfied the original contract. She simply stated that she may have made a mistake but that she felt she had it all taken care of and apologized to me, but she never really said what it was that she had done other than some thing about having borrowed from some lady and offering her 10 or 9 to 1. But she never said that she had implicated my associate or my self in it. My associate offered to help her with the legal issues she was facing with this lady but later he withdrew his papers because he said Fran was not following thru with the papers in the court properly.

After several months later I started getting reports of some people thinking I owed them some money of which I knew nothing about and tried on here to clear that point up. However, when I got a copy of the paper work the person sent me last week, I have to say I was in shock and taken back by it. I was also extremely disappointed in Fran Smith. I almost have no words. I have to assume this paper work was the mistake she said she may have made a while ago, at that time.

Now people I am just going to keep it real, because as I stated truth can stand inspection. Also I am trying very hard to not believe that Fran Smith did those papers to try to set me and my associate up in the event that for some reason we were not able to monetize our assets. To this day I do not really fully know what is going one. I have been told that Fran has a court order not to talk to my associate or I for one year. This concerns me, because it insinuates that there may be some sort of investigation going on. To this day I have not been contacted by any law enforcement agency concerning any of this. One time some one had sent me an email a  few years ago stating that the FBI was coming to see them and what should they do. I told them to tell them the truth. I also wrote them the events as I understood them at that time and that they had my permission to show them and that I was available to clear up any misunderstanding. Of course needless to say, I had no idea the seriousness of this all as I have just been made aware of it last week.

To add insult to injury, I had introduced a retired former banker who stated that he could get one of the lien assets monetized rather quickly but that he needed a certain amount of funds to do it and that he was waiting to get it from some one. When I shared this with Fran she offered to sell some of her ranch land. I told her strictly, do not send in any money until I get him to sign a personal guarantee and that I would also sign it, also that I needed to be placed as a co-signer on the escrow or bank account that the guy would use in order to protect Fran’s money. Instead she not only sent the guy that money and a major amount more, she also circumvented me after the guy flirted with her and lied to her claiming that I was asking the guy for money all the time, etc.  When I confronted her about it on the phone, she informed me that her lawyer said that she can not talk to me no more and that she was not circumventing me. At that time she had put up another part of land and I told her do not give this guy any more money until protected by a strong contract. She stated that see was selling the land for herself. That was the last time I ever talked with her. I think that was over a year ago.

Please understand, this is very hard for me to have to write all this. But after I received a copy of those paper that were issued by Fran Smith without my knowing or permission to do so, I got very up set and concerned for my legal welfare, because I have gone out of my way not to do anything illegal. I have asked Fran several times in the past to either issue me a 1099  or an invoice for the amount of funds that she has sent me. Also at one point she had  2 or 3 people send some funds directly to me on her behalf. I was told that she did that because at the time it was needed urgently and that it would save time, now I am not sure what her intent was. When some of those people later told me that I owed them money I made it clear to them that I had not asked them for anything and that my contract was with Fran Smith, they agreed that Fran Smith had instructed them to send it to me.

So why am I now coming forward with all this? That is because I had no idea until a copy of that fund-raising 9 to 1 paper contract was sent to me last week, the full  extent to which Fran had done this and it clearly looks to me like she did this on purpose to set me and my associate up in case we were not able to monetize our assets and instead of selling some of her ranch to pay people back that she alone borrowed from, it could all be blamed on us and she would play the victim. Further, if I was in the USA I would have contacted the FBI to explain all this. For the moment, I am writing this as a public notice in an attempt to be heard and to state the facts. I expect to be funded soon, at which time I will hire and attorney to find out just what is going on in this matter. I put this blog up not only to keep people informed as to how things were going with my attempts to monetize my assets, but also to provide a transparent recording of events as they happen in order to protect my self from things like what has apparently happened.

I remember the Judge asking me in my last case,”When you started suspecting that something was not right with your dealings with the your broker, why did you not go to the authorities?” So that is why I am making this public notice, to stand as a record until I am able to afford an attorney. Last time I cooperated with the authorizes, I apparently unknowingly incriminated my self. I do not desire to make that mistake again and yet maybe this public notice is unknowingly causing me to do the same. I do not know people, I am not a lawyer. I am simply a guy who spent enough time in prison that I never desire to go back there again, yet I felt I had a responsibility to at least try to bring some sort of restitution to the people who had like myself lost a lot of money over 15 years ago. I believe if I am successful in monetizing the assets I have that I could do just that. That is the honest truth and facts of the matter. I try to believe the best about Fran and I am grateful for all the support that she provided me over the past few years. Yet I am extremely sadden by what she has apparently done.  I hope I am wrong in her motives for having done this, but it seems unlikely at this point, because I know she knows from the past that any type of money-raising thru so-called “programs” offering unrealistic returns, is a securities violation. In addition to that she took some of my associates verbiage that he uses on his contracts and made it look like he wrote them. That looks like a deliberate act to me. Add all this to the fact that she never told me to the extent that she actually put Malcolm and I into these contracts with out our authorization or knowledge… well I hope you all get my point.

Lastly, it has been brought to my attention that Fran Smith has sold a few parcels from her ranch and instead of pay back the people she alone borrowed from, she sent it to that former banker who has taken her money and spent it on himself. This makes no sense and begs the question. What in the world is going on?  I would like to also state, that I have written this with the full understanding that it may and probably will be viewed by Law enforcement that may be investigating this case. This is the truth and the other side of the story. I am fully prepared to testify to these facts in a court of law.

I will honor my contract with Fran Smith, but I will have to do it through an attorney and through the IRS to ensure any taxes are paid and any other legal aspect are honored. I am not part of nor have I ever been part of any conspiracy to defraud any one concerning anything Fran Smith may or may not have done. I therefore, offer this public notice and explanation in good faith  to demonstrate that fact. It is my suggestion that any additional information any one has regarding this matter that they contact the FBI.


David Allan Raimer

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